Tips to build sustainable Art careers

Expo Short:- An artist is a personal engaged in one or more activities of any broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts or demonstrating an art. the common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a practitioner in the visual arts only.


Choosing a right career is a very difficult. It needs lots of effort to make our future secure. And when it comes to become an artist as a profession the very first thing that come to our mind is that an artist is a person who have struggle a lot to get rid of his basic need. We thought that its very difficult to earn money in this profession and there is no scope of this profession. But this is not true.

There is struggle in being an artist in the same way that there is struggle in any chosen career, but there is an added layer of difficulty for the art majors or those choosing to switch to art-related fields later in life because there are no paved career steps for them. However, that should be no reason to stop following your dream of having an art career even if you realize your dream a lot later in life or had to give it up once before. The key is maintaining passion for your art and moving forward with that belief. You are bound to come across an opportunity that will help you succeed.

Here are some tips to maintain a sustainable career in this field:

#1. Practice your networking.

The first step in building an art career is putting yourself out there, learning how to market yourself as an artist, and keeping tabs on what’s going on in your professional circles. Find opportunities to meet new people, expand your professional network, and get recognized by influential players. This includes supporting other people’s art, joining professional associations, organizing a panel discussion, or volunteering at a local arts organization or project.

#2.  Be a well-informed arts professional.

Keep yourself updated with the latest news in your field. You should have the knowledge about the latest innovations in the field of art. You can do this by signing up for newsletters, reading industry trades, and searching for applicable studies.

#3. Keep your work easy to find for others.

Its a very good idea to have your own website or we can say art website where people can see your works or can buy if they like. This will make your work popular and will also help you financially.

#4. Catalog and document your work.

Making an catalog for your works will help you in participating in different art competitions as well as in fund raising. Start now by photographing everything you can and uploading it (with helpful tags and descriptions) to an online photo sharing site like Picasa and Flickr. 

#5. Find A Job That Boosts Your Art Career.

This is also a very important step to follow to become achieve success in this profession. The struggle to reach where you want to be could be very challenging and economically straining, especially for fresh graduates. The key ingredient to finding a good day job that will support your art career is to find one that doesn’t drain you of your creative juices but will instead help you bring more focus to your art. An art-related day job is also a good way to meet more people in the business and to learn from more experienced artists.

These are some basic tips to become a successful artist and to make your art career sustainable. Hope this will help you and if you have any query related to this comment below. 




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