Signal, the most secured messaging app recommended by Snowden

Expo Short: Edward Snowden Suggest signal messaging app as it is the more secured as compared to others.                                              

All of us lots of messaging apps in our daily life. But have you ever imagined that how companies can use your conversations for their own purposes or by government.for their own benefits? The thing that am gonna tell you now will just blow your mind off.

Snowden warned of several messaging apps, that are not secure enough and or share your information with government and secret services and some even with police. And whom do you trust more? The companies who are trying to market their apps or Snowden, a secret service agent who was worked for several years for the CIA and NSA, the most powerful intelligence agencies of the world?

The applications which comes with end-to-end encryption doesn’t fully protect your messages enough that you can cover your tracks as they store your messages to the server which could be used by them later.

A perfect ideal example of such a flaw comes from within Apple. Apple’s iMessage application, in which I covered recently in Apple Records Your Messages from iMessage and Sends the Data to Police discussed Apple’s messaging application storing your contacts, locations and messages among others. Apple flawlessly hands your private information over to the local (or federal) law agencies at any moment’s notice.

For those currently using the open-source end-to-end security application, Signal, then you are much safer than without it.

The Signal Messaging application is without a doubt the most secured end-to-end encryption service available. Previously, in 2016, the Federal Department of Investigation demanded a vast range of information for 2 specific targets using Signal. However, though the authorities were able to obtain information via a subpoena against Signal, it was almost absolutely useless to their investigation, anyway. This was a part of an investigation by a federal grand jury located in Virginia.

Signal holds very little information of their respective users, as proven by the latest court saga. Signal’s Open Whisper Systems (OWS) won’t just hand over anything to the government on say so.

Fortunately for the general public, this proves, that when searching for security and privacy communications, Signal is one of the better applications to use, so much so, whistleblower Edward Snowden uses it.

Sources: AnonHQ


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