4 steps to Invite all friends to like your page


People who are managing facebook business pages always have to face a problem i.e. to invite their friends to like their page. It is really a very tough and hard working job to invite all their friends. So here is a easy 4 step trick to invite them all at once.

Step #1


Navigate to your Facebook page using Google Chrome. You must navigate to your page using your personal profile, not while using Facebook as your page or Business Manager.

(Or, in this particular case, I navigated to our facebook fan page…)

And yes… for this to work, you must also use Chrome. I also highly recommend you do this from a desktop or laptop computer.

  • If you are an administrator of this page, click the … (ellipsis) in your cover photo and click Invite Friends.
  • If you are not an administrator of this page, click Invite friends to like this Page in the left sidebar.

Either way, an Invite your friends to like… window will pop up.

Step #2


With the Invite your friends to like… window open, scroll to the very bottom of your friends list. To accelerate this, click the name of any friend on your list, and then hold down space bar or page down.

In the following steps, be sure to leave the Invite your friends to like… window open with all your friends loaded.

Step #3


Next — and this step is very important — manually type javascript: into your address bar.

Step #4


To do this final step, you are first going to need to carefully copy some code. Remember, if you miss even a single character, this code won’t work.

Click this link to open the code in a new browser tab:

Got the code copied?

Okay, good.

Return to the address bar above your Facebook page, and paste the code you just copied immediately following javascript:just be sure not to leave any spaces between the colon and your pasted code.

Now hit enter.

Congrats!! you have invited all your friends to like your page.


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