What is racism? When people use this term they may be referring to various form of discrimination-institutional racism, internalized racism, reverse racism and so on and so forth.

Racial discrimination of letting a person’s race or skin colour unfairly become a factor when deciding who receives a job, promotion, or other employment and most importantly finding their life partners. It most often affects minority individuals who feel that they are being unfairly discriminated by white.

“Racism today is the ultimate evil in the world”-Pope Francis.

There is a commercial, which shows a women feeling neglected and ignored by her man because of the darker skin tone. She takes care of the problem with the use of the cream and suddenly her partner finds her very attractive. We are all created in god’s image so why to judge some by their ??

Pointing out actor John Abraham’s advertisement, Abhay Deol wrote, “WE ARE NOT A RACIST COUNTRY! I will prove it to you…. In the picture John holds a card with shades from white to dark.

Racism runs deep…..”Racism is a blight on human conscience”-Nelson Mandela

Some ways to overcome racism:

  • Educate yourself and stay informed.

  1. Read the news, and not just from a single source. Absorb as many perspective possible

  2. Don’t hold it in . Share what you learn with your friends.

  • Keep an open mind- accept others, even if they don’t accept you. You do not need to be “colour-blind”-you can appreciate other races and cultures for the things that make them unique.

  • Find your voice.

  • Create dialogue- listen to people from all other races and culture.

First and foremost, we would like to state that we reject and disdain the notion that any particular race of people is superior or inferior to another .Second, we contend  this research proves that the differences between races are insignificant and superficial..

We look forward to a day when the word “race” is used only in reference to a contest of speed.

Don’t be racist! remember the Michael Jackson song!

             It don’t matter

             If you are BLACK or WHITE.

I love pandas.

They are not racist

They are black and white

And  Asian.


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