Education is the process of expanding one’s knowledge. But nowadays it’s not related to seeking knowledge, rather students are just busy running behind marks. Our education system also pressurizes students. It has become totally marks oriented rather than focusing on increasing student’s knowledge.

The Indian education system has evolved very little since its existence. There has been very few structural changes in the system and even fewer changes in the syllabus. Generation after generations have been following the same system and the same syllabus. Some of the changes that has been seen in the syllabus is where the portions have evolved from big to gigantic. Other than that there has been very little change. The Indian education system is extremely theoretical in nature. It gives very little scope for students in extracurricular activities. Students are made to think that extra-curricular activities do not make any difference. The truth is that one always needs to improve and showcase their skills, otherwise the potential in them would wither and die away. Besides, being good at only academics is in no way significant of the fact that the student is meritorious and is capable of other things.

At university level, there is so much competition, on top of that there is reservation system which hinder a deserving student to get into good, reputed colleges. A general student, with say about 85% marks may not get into a reputed college, but an SC/ST/OBC student may surpass with minimal marks. Also, influential parents buy their children’s seat in a reputed colleges. They might not be bright students and not necessarily deserving, but they get in due to their parent’s financial background. This shows that there is no value for a child’s intelligence. These reasons put a lot of pressure on the students to score as much marks as possible.

Academic pressure is taking a toll on the life of students. Be it toddlers or college or university going students, all of them are in the rat race to bag highest marks as possible. Grade is seen as the most important agenda in their lives and eventually they are losing the sight of actual purpose of learning. The fear of failure and disgrace, and the pressure for good grades often leads to high stress, cheating and suicides!!!

Every morning our newspapers are flooded with the sad news of some or the other student committing suicide, just because they are unable to cope up with the pressure of their vast syllabus, or they are depressed of scoring less marks.

Peer pressure and parental pressure also increases stress on the students.  Some parents are behind their children to excel academically. Nothing less would please them. Parental pressures to pursue academic success have both positive and negative effects on their children. According to students the greatest sources of academic stress is while studying for exams, grade competition and the large amount of content to master in a small amount of time.

To overcome this present situation our education system should be changed so that students enjoy studying rather than get burdened with its pressure……..


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